24 Oct 16

Naming Opportunity: Win-Win Solution
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Leaving behind a legacy is perhaps the greatest and noblest way to be remembered. A unique mark on someone else’s life could satisfy our search in finding a broader meaning of existence.

Organizations play an important role in providing philanthropic acts to increase the well-being of the cause they most care about. But sometimes, an external help from donors are crucial in pushing through with their campaign. Contributions and endowments play a fundamental source of dependable subsidy for organizations.

Unless a sponsor affirms that he wants to remain incognito, donor recognition is an important way of appreciating your benefactor. Gifting in memory of your donors increases their willingness to give more. As Vincent Duckworth, founder of Duckworth and Associates advised… acknowledging major presents/gifts with naming opportunities has turned out to be customary and an expectation for donors.

How does naming opportunity sites work?

Naming opportunity sites will help you formulate a plan with regards to gifting in memory of your prospects and donors. Naming opportunity sites can help an organization or campaign formulate strategies to draw prospects donors which can be a significant factor in your campaign.

Virtual Media 360 continues to grow in the area of creating and designing micro-sites for naming opportunities which engage in a planned arrangement to help organizations in this vital effort.

Naming Opportunities – Organizations and Donor Benefits

Naming Opportunity can be a win-win situation for both parties. A non-material gift such as this can be an advantage to both the donors and the organization. Below are some of the benefits:


1. Appeal to donors
Donors and benefactors provide assistance to campaigns and organizations primarily because they both believe in the same cause. Giving major gifts such as naming opportunities to donors at this level can make them munificent. This also provides donor recognition which entices them to stretch their gifts into bigger ones.

2. Relationship ties of organization and donor
Naming opportunities can be a welcome news to benefactors and donors. This could create sturdier ties between the donor/benefactor with the organization/campaign. Having a facility under their name can provide a tight bond between the two.

3. Draws additional prospects and donors
You will desire to have more naming opportunities because gifting your donors with a large closing gift such as this can draw interest to prospect benefactors who believes in the same cause. Donors do not only impact the organizations, they catalyze it; causing other prospect donors to get involved.

1. Donor Recognition  Naming opportunities may come in different forms such as      naming a facility, dedicating sponsorships or naming grants. However the naming opportunity might be, distinguishing a benefactor can make them feel valued.

2. Boost brand name
Donors may come as an individual or a corporation. Naming opportunities can heighten the level of the supporting institutions especially when they are being branded by organizations which provide a good cause.

3. Donor legacy
As Jim Rohn puts it “All good men and women must take responsibility to create legacies that will take the next generation to a level we could only imagine.” A donor’s name highlighted on the walls of major projects such as new facilities for charitable institutions for the next generation to acknowledge might be one of the most fulfilling achievements there is.

As long as philanthropists welcome recognition and look into inspiring others into a particular cause, naming opportunities are one of the best closing gifts to give. Virtual Media 360 will help you in building micro-sites for naming opportunities for your benefactors.



02 Nov 14

Virtual Media 360 Partners with Spinattic.com
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For several years we have been creating high-end custom virtual tours and continue to do so. With our team’s 20 years of combined experience in the industry, we had a vision to create Spinattic. Co-Founders; Derrick Clark, Ariel Micheletti and Rebecca Smith all coupled their passion for the industry and an appreciation for the immense changes that are coming, created Spinattic to provide a much needed resource for panoramic photographers for creating and showing their work.

Spinattic is a web app for panoramic photographers to upload their panoramas, create virtual tours and customize the interfaces. Our mission is to make it easier for panoramic photographers to create stunning virtual tours. Many people are great at creating panoramas, and there are plenty of techniques and equipment to do so, but there are not many tools that give the photographer a way to create quality custom virtual tours that match the quality of their photographs.

Virtual Media 360 continues to thrive in the collegiate marketplace, growing a brand that is known for larger scale projects that required a custom interface. Some of our projects include over 100 360° scenes in a virtual tour, all requiring special content specific to each scene such as text descriptions, thumbnail menus, videos, audio interfaces, maps and the list goes on. That’s more content than some websites have. Spinattic is the perfect solution for photographers taking on so much content, but not feeling comfortable coding.

We invite you to take a look at www.Spinattic.com. If you have an interest in taking panoramic photographs, give it a try… it’s free!

Future developments with Spinattic include a customization platform, allowing users to customize their work. There will be nominal fees associated with custom features, however, the savings to photographers will far outweigh the current fees associated with custom programming.

This tour was created with Spinattic.

18 Mar 14

Virtual Media 360’s Real Estate Virtual Tours
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Looking back over the years, we thought it would be interesting to gather and review some of the the virtual tours we created for the real estate industry. Virtual tours are vital to selling or renting real estate, but surprisingly we haven’t taken the industry by storm. Yet.

Our focus thus far has been on the high end customization of the tours as a whole. In real estate today, especially in our area, lower end real estate, (anything except for commercial or luxury) typically doesn’t value the customized interfaces. We get it, with the low commissions on traditionally realtor conducted “retail” transactions, there really isn’t any room left in the budget for a fancy handmade customized virtual tour. A few pics here and there have always worked right? So why be crazy and fix something that isn’t broken? Yes, we get it.

Our tours are perhaps a little more than what’s needed for some real estate folks. But let’s take a look at what we have done and reflect as to what VM360 can offer the industry.

Quintess Virtual Tour. This tour was actually one of our first virtual tour projects. Quintess is a luxury, member only vacation rental home network. They have several locations around the world. We created a tour for one of their Jackson Hole locations. Now, there is no doubt that the property we  photographed was and still is in the luxury class of real estate. The details, and larger than life grandios atmosphere were just too much for mere still photographs or ineffective video. We brought everything to the table with this project that we had at the time. We believe the tour’s quality matched the subject matter.

Apartment Complex Virtual Tour. Local to our area in Glens Falls, NY. This property had great rental units. The units we created tours for were for a local multi unit rental complex. We used a more basic form of an interface. We were tasked with showing the units in their best light without trying to throw too many fancy virtual tour features at the viewer. Our goal, to fill the units with a price that won’t take the company 10 years to get their return back. Both the client and VM360 considered it a success.

City Apartment Virtual Tour Another local property in Glens Falls, NY., and another rental property. We believe this is a niche of real estate where our tours can be beneficial to the market. Being a rental property owner myself, I have reason to believe that a staged quality virtual tour is worth it’s weight in gold when it comes to filling your units. Assuming that you are intending on keeping that property for a long time. Once created, it’s a tool that continually benefit the owner every time the unit needs to be filled. Couple that together with great staging, and you have a killer marketing tool. My latest tenant actually said that the virtual tour seen on my Craiglist ad is what actually sold the apartment.


09 Aug 13

Introducing Sarah Lawrence College Virtual Tour
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Alas! After overcoming technical hurdles, innovating and developing further the new art of virtual tours, our team is proud to share with you the Sarah Lawrence College virtual tour. http://www.slc.edu/explore/360/index.html#/admission

This tour is exciting for us just because it is to date our largest tour. It carries 96 scenes from around the campus. The tour also has all the available navigational features including maps, hotspot navigation (like Google Streetview), thumbnail menus as well as a scene index organized alphabetically for users who know exactly what they are looking for.

The next piece of awesomeness is more technical, but none the less exciting. Each of the 96 scenes has it’s own deep link. This allows the folks at SLC to be able to let their viewers go directly to a particular scene without having to go through all of the scenes. Great for… let’s say, the Athletic department that is recruiting and just wants to direct the prospective’s attention to the pool for instance.

Another beacon of pride, points in the direction of the still photo slideshow. No, a still photo slideshow is not a new development for us. Actually it’s quite old. What is so great about this slideshow is that the staff at SLC are able to administrate the photos for each scene. The custom slideshow for each scene brings that location to life. People, activities, it’s one thing to see an area, but to start and feel the energy that the scene is another way we are better able to bring the viewer to SLC without the travel expenses through the tour.

Not to mention, this campus is beautiful. An absolutely stunning place. We were met with friendly people, and an energetic atmosphere. We wish SLC the best with their new tour and thank them for choosing us to add to their web marketing tools.

11 Jun 13

St. John’s 360° Virtual Tours : Explore St. John’s Beaches
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A recent trip to St. John, in the US Virgin Islands provided an opportunity to visit several of the pristine beaches that St. John is so well known for. Each beach offers something… sure to appease the expectations of the island guests. However, the one exception is that every beach is on “Island Time”! Take a look at the St. John 360 virtual tour we created and the descriptions for each beach below.

Caneel Bay Beach… after being greeted and welcomed by a very friendly guard at the gate, we advanced onto the property and were immediately surrounded with the beauty of the property, the feeling of tranquility and privacy. Passing ruins from long ago, you enter the grounds. It’s a short walk with guests relaxing and enjoying their visit. Adjacent to the beach we enjoyed a refreshing Caribbean drink while listening to stories from the several guests commenting on the number of years they had been coming to Caneel Bay.

Cinnamon Bay Beach… one of the public beaches in the US Virgin Island National Park is free of charge to visit. Cinnamon Bay beach offers camping, cabins, various water sports, sailing, wind surfing and snorkeling. All of which caters to the family. Their are hiking trails located nearby that lead to beautiful views of the ocean.

Cruz Bay Beach… at the heart of the island and adjacent to the ferry, this beach may remind you of a strip mall and restaurants as they are situated all along the beautiful white sandy beach in Cruz Bay. This is certainly a place to be sharing a meal with friends, visiting with locals, shopping and testing one of the many famous “run” drinks made by the establishments along the way.

Hawks Nest Beach… another of the free access beaches in the US Virgin Islands of St. John. It’s the closest beach on the North Shore road from Cruz Bay. A beautiful white sandy beach that offers some picnicking and relaxing, just beware, you won’t find snack bars or running water there. The beach offers certain solitude as there are no rented water sports items available. Shade can be found along the banks providing relief from the sun and a perfect place to enjoy the day reading.

Rendezvous Bay Beach… is a pebble beach located between Klein Bay and Ditleff Point on the south shore of the island. Having been to this beach on prior trips, it’s the place to come for great snorkeling. If you’re lucky, you may be able to see turtles, sea urchins and beautiful coral. Let’s not forget the occasional barracuda! it’s a quiet beach and nice for shell seekers.

Trunk Bay Beach… one of the top 10 most beautiful beaches in the world. It’s truly magnificient! It has long white sandy beaches with beautiful turquoise water which makes it a must see. Trunk Bay beach, also located in the US Virgin Island National Park, does charge an entrance fee. Located on the property are bathrooms, showers, snack bars and picnic areas. Life guards are also on duty at this beach. A key feature of this beach is the underwater snorkel trail. It’s great for all ages and is describes marine life found in the surrounding water. This is a great place to take photographs.

Virtual Tours are such a great way to show your space.. Stay tuned for some exciting new developments on our website!!


18 Mar 13

What is a Virtual Tour?
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Here at Virtual Media 360, we feel the term “virtual tour” gets thrown around a lot. So what is a virtual tour? Well, according to Merriam-Webster “of, relating to, or existing within a virtual reality <a virtualworld>” We don’t want to challenge this definition, but we do feel it is very broad.

This is a Virtual Tour.

A Virtual Tour is…

For Virtual Media 360, a virtual tour is an online media presentation that represents a real location in the most realistic form possible. There are many forms of online media that represents a location. We see photo slideshows and videos being deemed “virtual tours” but we don’t feel those types of media are even close to being able to represent a realistic location. 360 panoramic based tours would be our number 1 choice. Why? 360’s actually gives the viewer a choice in what to look at in the given location. Freedom to interact makes the tour the most realistic. In reality, you wouldn’t be forced to look in one direction, correct?

We’re not hating on video or still photos.

We still believe in still photography and videos. Actually, we try to promote the usage of them within our tours to give the viewer more perspectives. This gives the viewer an even more realistic sense of the subject at hand.

Take a look at what we believe is the ultimate example of a virtual tour.

29 Jan 13

University Virtual Tours
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We are thrilled to have begun a journey creating virtual tours for Colleges and Universities.


Creating campus tours allows us to share what we see with prospective students and their parents. While we tour the campus, we photograph points of interest that are either eye-catching to us or included on a pre-shoot virtual tour list, created by our contact at the University.

The Process

Our project begins with discussing options of our product and services with the university point person… typically a marketing, web or Admissions representative. From there we discuss the design of the User Interface for both Desktops and Mobile devices, followed up with a visit/meeting to finalize the design and make adjustments if necessary. Additionally, we incorporate a walking tour of the University buildings and grounds and begin image capture. Working as a team, we begin putting together the virtual tour. Realizing that every University has it’s own branding based on their themes, history and interest, we’ll make adjustments, tweaks and changes as deemed necessary. Once the flash based virtual tour is approved, we begin the HTML5 mobile ready virtual tour. Once the tours are approved by the University, they are integrated with the University’s website, thus complimenting the ways in which the University can market the services.


University Tours are an awesome way for prospective students and their parents to shortlist their schools of interest. A 360 view provides a great virtual walkthrough, providing a good feel for the campus and it’s facilities.

High Quality

University virtual tours are becoming very popular, however, Virtual Media 360 prides itself in offering the highest quality and most complete tours as seen in some of our featured Universities. A tour of the campus can be displayed in various ways within our custom interfaces. Staying consistent with the University’s branding, indexed for ease of use, combined with a University map, 360 panoramas, still photos, and video options for both Flash and HTML5 mobile ready platforms. The later, a viewing option that is growing rapidly and one in which we are happy to be on the forefront of this technology providing flexibility in how your virtual tour can be accessed.

Check out our latest university virtual tour

Stay tuned for Sarah Lawrence College’s tour in the very near future!

360 Flash Interface

University Virtual Tour


Alfred State 360 Virtual Tour

Embedded Hotspot Navigation Arrows, 360 Scene Titles


13 Nov 12

360 Virtual Tour Company and Adirondack Adventurers
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Just recently, VM360 embarked on yet another adventure creating a virtual tour for a local client. The client in this case was West Mountain Ski Resort. As with most projects there was a certain degree of undertaking involved with capturing the images. We were tasked with scaling the mountain to get images of the summit views overlooking Glens Falls NY. Understanding that the chair lifts were not operating during the Fall season, our big question was “just how exactly are we going to get up there”!?

As it turns out, an ATV was arranged for us to drive up to the top with all the equipment needed. So we jumped on! We were ready for our next big adventure. Being that neither of us operates a 4-wheeler on a consistent basis, this trip straight up the side of the mountain was unique and a little precarious. Never the less, team VM360 prevails and we made it to the top!

We decided that the best place to take the 360 pictures was right on the top of the chair lift directly at the crown of the mountain. For VM360, being 2902 feet above sea level isn’t enough. We brought our 25′ pole with us to make sure the view was extra spectacular. With some relatively simple rigging, we managed to capture a great shot with beautiful skies overlooking the city of Glens Falls.

Our next feat was to find the elusive trail that guides one to the infamous fire tower. The trail was supposed to start near the chair lift and run along the crown of the mountain and bring you to a view that looks over the southern side of the mountain. To make a long story short, we mistakenly took other paths only to find ourselves wasting more time than we anticipated. In hindsight, it was actually really fun. We ended up taking the 4-wheeler back down the mountain to get more clearer directions.

The 2nd trip up was a breeze. No, not because we were 4-wheeler riding professionals, but because we were re-energized and determined to find the fire tower. Once we got back to the top, we found the trail as well as the tower. The view was absolutely breathtaking. For our readers, we’ll just skip the climb and present you with the amazing and “hard fought” 360 views. Enjoy!!

25 Jun 12

Tires… who knew they would need a virtual tour?
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Our team here at Virtual Media 360 is continually surprised by the relevance that our tours have in some markets. Recently, we completed a project for Main Tire Exchange in Dansville NY. The project consisted of educating and exhibiting the amazing capabilities that Main Tire’s cap shop are able to do for their client’s. Tires as you may or may not know can be re-used by stripping the old tread and applying a new tread. As you can already infer, this is perfect for commercial fleets such as tractor trailers considering the miles traveled and the wear and tear on their wheels.

Our task was to create a tour for their sales team that would allow them to easily and efficiently educate their customers on the processes of the retread. The tour we proposed would allow them to present the tour either by sharing a link virtually, or by bringing an iPad or mobile tablet in hand on the sales route.

We learned about each step in the Bandag patented process. Our strategy was to capture imagery with Main Tire’s crew carrying out the task of that particular step. We then outfitted the tour with text descriptions that explained what was being done. The tour had to be able to educate the customer clearly without a sales rep.

The project was a success. We added embedded navigational buttons so that the usability would insight a realistic approach to taking a real life tour. The tour was added into the maintire.com with a customized interface that adhered to Main Tire’s branding seamlessly. Our many thanks go out to Main Tire Exchange for their business and the opportunity to allow our media to enhance their marketing efforts.

12 Mar 12

Are you “Mobile Ready”?
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Capture your viewers… analysts predict mobile access to overtake the Internet by 2014. How do we meet our viewer’s expectations?

Just when we sat back, proud of launching our new website for Virtual Media 360, it was immediately clear that our tours needed to be “mobile ready” and FAST! Our team was quick to develop an interface that mirrored the quality and detail that our viewers and clients have come to expect in our products and services.

While working with SUNY Geneseo this past year, who shared the vision on the value of incorporating a virtual tour interface that was accessible not only on desktops and laptops, but also on mobile devices, we quickly realized how on target they were with their viewers expectations. We were not surprised, but interested to learn that during the first several months of the tour being live, 30 percent of their viewers were coming in across the mobile networks. This percentage will drastically increase in the coming years.

With Apple reporting 37.04 million iPhones sold in their most recent quarter, a 128 percent  unit growth over the year-ago quarter and 15.43 million iPads during the quarter, a 111 percent unit increase over the year-ago quarter, we all need to position ourselves to be available to our mobile viewers. (http://news.cnet.com/8301-27076_3-20122276-248/apples-fiscal-2011-by-the-numbers/)

Mobile access improves the level of service that we provide our viewers and offers flexibility resulting in “staying power” which directly compliments our bottom line. Finding ways to keep viewers on your site longer increases the number of hits you will get as competitors fall short of providing this competitive advantage in their marketing mix.

A mobile friendly site provides an enhanced web experience for your mobile users. Millions of mobile users browse websites from their mobile devices everyday to search for business locations or directions. There is a growing expectation from all mobile users that companies need to provide a quality mobile experience and provide quick access to information about your business or they move on to the competition.

If you havn’t already done so… join the masses that are “running the race” to provide opportunity, compatibility, efficiency and awareness in marketing their businesses across mobile networks.

There is so very much to do to keep ourselves current in technology and we have learned that to sit idle for the day, you will lose momentum in maintaining the competitive edge.

Congratulations SUNY Geneseo on exceeding your viewer’s expectations!!

About Virtual Media 360

Virtual Media 360 is a high-end organization, offering cutting edge marketing tools. Our virtual tours, combined with traditional media and social syndication provide for mass exposure of your name, brand and website to meet the best of your market strategies. Our combined services will result in a consistent look, feel and connection.