24 Oct 16

Naming Opportunity: Win-Win Solution
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Leaving behind a legacy is perhaps the greatest and noblest way to be remembered. A unique mark on someone else’s life could satisfy our search in finding a broader meaning of existence.

Organizations play an important role in providing philanthropic acts to increase the well-being of the cause they most care about. But sometimes, an external help from donors are crucial in pushing through with their campaign. Contributions and endowments play a fundamental source of dependable subsidy for organizations.

Unless a sponsor affirms that he wants to remain incognito, donor recognition is an important way of appreciating your benefactor. Gifting in memory of your donors increases their willingness to give more. As Vincent Duckworth, founder of Duckworth and Associates advised… acknowledging major presents/gifts with naming opportunities has turned out to be customary and an expectation for donors.

How does naming opportunity sites work?

Naming opportunity sites will help you formulate a plan with regards to gifting in memory of your prospects and donors. Naming opportunity sites can help an organization or campaign formulate strategies to draw prospects donors which can be a significant factor in your campaign.

Virtual Media 360 continues to grow in the area of creating and designing micro-sites for naming opportunities which engage in a planned arrangement to help organizations in this vital effort.

Naming Opportunities – Organizations and Donor Benefits

Naming Opportunity can be a win-win situation for both parties. A non-material gift such as this can be an advantage to both the donors and the organization. Below are some of the benefits:


1. Appeal to donors
Donors and benefactors provide assistance to campaigns and organizations primarily because they both believe in the same cause. Giving major gifts such as naming opportunities to donors at this level can make them munificent. This also provides donor recognition which entices them to stretch their gifts into bigger ones.

2. Relationship ties of organization and donor
Naming opportunities can be a welcome news to benefactors and donors. This could create sturdier ties between the donor/benefactor with the organization/campaign. Having a facility under their name can provide a tight bond between the two.

3. Draws additional prospects and donors
You will desire to have more naming opportunities because gifting your donors with a large closing gift such as this can draw interest to prospect benefactors who believes in the same cause. Donors do not only impact the organizations, they catalyze it; causing other prospect donors to get involved.

1. Donor Recognition  Naming opportunities may come in different forms such as      naming a facility, dedicating sponsorships or naming grants. However the naming opportunity might be, distinguishing a benefactor can make them feel valued.

2. Boost brand name
Donors may come as an individual or a corporation. Naming opportunities can heighten the level of the supporting institutions especially when they are being branded by organizations which provide a good cause.

3. Donor legacy
As Jim Rohn puts it “All good men and women must take responsibility to create legacies that will take the next generation to a level we could only imagine.” A donor’s name highlighted on the walls of major projects such as new facilities for charitable institutions for the next generation to acknowledge might be one of the most fulfilling achievements there is.

As long as philanthropists welcome recognition and look into inspiring others into a particular cause, naming opportunities are one of the best closing gifts to give. Virtual Media 360 will help you in building micro-sites for naming opportunities for your benefactors.



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