02 Nov 14

Virtual Media 360 Partners with Spinattic.com
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For several years we have been creating high-end custom virtual tours and continue to do so. With our team’s 20 years of combined experience in the industry, we had a vision to create Spinattic. Co-Founders; Derrick Clark, Ariel Micheletti and Rebecca Smith all coupled their passion for the industry and an appreciation for the immense changes that are coming, created Spinattic to provide a much needed resource for panoramic photographers for creating and showing their work.

Spinattic is a web app for panoramic photographers to upload their panoramas, create virtual tours and customize the interfaces. Our mission is to make it easier for panoramic photographers to create stunning virtual tours. Many people are great at creating panoramas, and there are plenty of techniques and equipment to do so, but there are not many tools that give the photographer a way to create quality custom virtual tours that match the quality of their photographs.

Virtual Media 360 continues to thrive in the collegiate marketplace, growing a brand that is known for larger scale projects that required a custom interface. Some of our projects include over 100 360° scenes in a virtual tour, all requiring special content specific to each scene such as text descriptions, thumbnail menus, videos, audio interfaces, maps and the list goes on. That’s more content than some websites have. Spinattic is the perfect solution for photographers taking on so much content, but not feeling comfortable coding.

We invite you to take a look at www.Spinattic.com. If you have an interest in taking panoramic photographs, give it a try… it’s free!

Future developments with Spinattic include a customization platform, allowing users to customize their work. There will be nominal fees associated with custom features, however, the savings to photographers will far outweigh the current fees associated with custom programming.

This tour was created with Spinattic.

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