18 Mar 14

Virtual Media 360’s Real Estate Virtual Tours
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Looking back over the years, we thought it would be interesting to gather and review some of the the virtual tours we created for the real estate industry. Virtual tours are vital to selling or renting real estate, but surprisingly we haven’t taken the industry by storm. Yet.

Our focus thus far has been on the high end customization of the tours as a whole. In real estate today, especially in our area, lower end real estate, (anything except for commercial or luxury) typically doesn’t value the customized interfaces. We get it, with the low commissions on traditionally realtor conducted “retail” transactions, there really isn’t any room left in the budget for a fancy handmade customized virtual tour. A few pics here and there have always worked right? So why be crazy and fix something that isn’t broken? Yes, we get it.

Our tours are perhaps a little more than what’s needed for some real estate folks. But let’s take a look at what we have done and reflect as to what VM360 can offer the industry.

Quintess Virtual Tour. This tour was actually one of our first virtual tour projects. Quintess is a luxury, member only vacation rental home network. They have several locations around the world. We created a tour for one of their Jackson Hole locations. Now, there is no doubt that the property we ¬†photographed was and still is in the luxury class of real estate. The details, and larger than life grandios atmosphere were just too much for mere still photographs or ineffective video. We brought everything to the table with this project that we had at the time. We believe the tour’s quality matched the subject matter.

Apartment Complex Virtual Tour. Local to our area in Glens Falls, NY. This property had great rental units. The units we created tours for were for a local multi unit rental complex. We used a more basic form of an interface. We were tasked with showing the units in their best light without trying to throw too many fancy virtual tour features at the viewer. Our goal, to fill the units with a price that won’t take the company 10 years to get their return back. Both the client and VM360 considered it a success.

City Apartment Virtual Tour¬†Another local property in Glens Falls, NY., and another rental property. We believe this is a niche of real estate where our tours can be beneficial to the market. Being a rental property owner myself, I have reason to believe that a staged quality virtual tour is worth it’s weight in gold when it comes to filling your units. Assuming that you are intending on keeping that property for a long time. Once created, it’s a tool that continually benefit the owner every time the unit needs to be filled. Couple that together with great staging, and you have a killer marketing tool. My latest tenant actually said that the virtual tour seen on my Craiglist ad is what actually sold the apartment.


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